why is the moon's rotation and revolution the same

A few of the reasons are: The moon spins only once during a revolution Both motions are completed in approximately 27.3 days. It can’t be a coincidence. But why? The moon's period of rotation and period of revolution around the earth are the same. And at new moon, the Moon is on the opposite side of its orbit from when it was full. The moon rotates at the at the same rate it revolves around the moon. There are a few different reasons why the Moon's revolution and rotation cause the same side of the Moon to always face the Earth.
The period of the Moon’s rotation is the same as the period of its revolution about the Earth. "The moon keeps the same face pointing towards the Earth because its rate of spin is tidally locked so that it is synchronized with its rate of revolution (the time needed to complete one orbit). A the moon's rotation time is exactly the time of its revolution B the moon's rotation time is exactly twice the time of it's revolution C the moon's rotation and revolution take the same time At the time of the full moon, the Sun is shining full on the face we always see. For one complete revolution the earth takes 365.25 days in a slightly elliptical orbit, which has the sun at one focal point of the ellipse. You wrote that the moon rotates on its axis once per revolution around the Earth, which is why we always see the same side. Why is one side of the moon called "the dark side of the moon"? Rotation and revolution are terms often erroneously used interchangeably because they mean the same thing in a literal and literary sense.

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