northern lights radiation

The aurora borealis or Northern Lights are seen mainly near the Arctic Circle. Realtime updates on the visibility of the Northern Lights. This field protects our planet from radiation and is responsible for creating the northern and southern lights – spectacular events that are only visible near the magnetic poles. The northern lights are beautiful, but they are created by something very dangerous. AuroraWatch is a website that provides a realtime monitor of geomagnetic activity in the Edmonton area and offers a free email alert service to let you know if there may be aurora visible tonight. Energetic particles from the solar wind strike the layer of the atmosphere called the ionosphere, ionizing the atoms and molecules. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are glowing bands, circles and streams of colored lights that sometimes appear in the northern latitudes.The southern hemisphere has similar light shows that are called Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights. The northern lights can be green, pink, red, blue or violet in color. The aurora australis or Southern Lights are seen in the southern hemisphere. The northern lights occur due to solar radiation when it is being blocked by earths magnetic field, and it occurs around the poles. You won't see the Lights for the next 11 years. Location: Northern Lights Regional Health Centre Computed tomography, is when pictures of the body are taken using radiation and computer-enhanced imaging. An aurora is a natural electric phenomenon that creates bright and colorful light displays in the sky. The light you see comes from photons released by oxygen and nitrogen in the upper atmosphere. 9 Lies People Tell You About Seeing the Northern Lights. At the end of 2015, a frantic rumor was circulating around on the internet that the Northern Lights were going to disappear for the next decade or so. Computed tomography, also known as "CT Scan" or "CAT Scan", is when pictures of the body are taken using radiation …

Earth is far from alone in having a magnetic field, protecting our planet from brutal cosmic radiation.

They are common at higher latitudes, mostly within the Arctic and the Antarctic Circles. The Saskatchewan tour groups and resorts in the north provide accommodations, meals and transportation to the Northern Lights viewing grounds.

Aurora borealis in Michigan, USA. Don't listen to the following myths about seeing the Northern Lights: 1. The Northern Lights are the result of the gases mixing together high above our heads. The lights are created form the mixture of electromagnetic radiation (beamed down from the sun) and the earths atmosphere.

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