no gravity in space

On Earth, astronauts feel the force of gravity as weight, because Earth's surface prevents them from falling. If we put the skydiver into space – let’s say halfway between the Earth and the moon – the same thing will happen. The skydiver will start falling towards the Earth, but won’t feel it.

Without Earth’s gravity, the Moon (which orbits roughly a thousand times farther away than the International Space Station) would fly off into the depths of space. Therefore, if there is no air, there is no gravity. If you’re in free fall, you don’t feel the gravity because everything around you is falling with you. But that doesn't account for the weightless feeling that astronauts experience in space.

Every nook and cranny of the universe is filled with myths and mysteries, and the absence of gravity in space is no exception. There is no air in space. It is true that gravity decreases with distance, so it is possible to be far away from a planet or star and feel less gravity. Gravity exists everywhere, even in outer space.

In outer space, however, there is no ground to push against astronauts.

As they orbit and fall toward Earth at the same rate as their spaceship, astronauts feel weightless, as if there were no gravity. This no-air/no-gravity idea pops up all the time in movies (incorrectly so). It is true that space is a partial vacuum devoid of what we commonly call “atmosphere”, but the belief that it is … If you answered that on Earth the objects fall due to gravity, but in space they don’t because there is no gravity, then I’m afraid your answer is far from the truth. Gravity from Earth keeps the Moon and human-made satellites in orbit.

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