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Las guías de los exámenes DELE se dirigen a profesionales de la enseñanza de español, creadores y editores de materiales didácticos, personal de … Vous trouverez le descriptif des épreuves de chaque niveau DELE en détails en consultant nos articles dédiés au DELE A1, DELE A2, DELE B1, DELE B2 et DELE C1. Find a centre. Know your level and the level you want to pass. The exam is organized by Instituto Cervantes and designed by Universidad de Salamanca. The oral examination is two parts, or three if you count them asking about your background and current work/study situation.

Overall, it consists of four parts – reading, writing, listening and speaking. Free: Computer-based sample tests. Download sample paper 1 for C1 Advanced . Check your answers as you do the test.
Prepare for DELE .

Practice online for the C1 Advanced with GlobalExam. There are more than 200 exercises with real conditions, study sheets, plans, and a follow-up. To obtain Spanish nationality is necessary to have at least a diploma DELE level A2. Download sample paper 2 for C1 Advanced. We will start from your level of Spanish and will work on mastering the different tasks and polishing what is … Once the test has finished you will not be able to check them. The oral exam for the DELE C1 was fairly easy I felt, but we’ll see what my results turn out to be! In my DELE classes you will prepare the four sections of the test as well as test-taking skills whilst focusing on the specific tasks for the exam. Contact your local exam centre to get advice on how to prepare. The first part is reading an article and responding to a question. DELE is the official diploma of Spanish language learning from the Cervantes Institute. Work hard and practice.

Guías de examen DELE. The exam is tough, especially the written and oral parts.

DELE stands for Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (Diplomas of Spanish as Foreign Language). This blog post brings together links to the best Spanish exam prep resources, to help you prepare for the DELE, SIELE or OPIc. DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera – Certificate of Spanish as a foreign language) is the only official international Spanish exam attested by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Learn C1 Spanish vocabulary Our effective flashcard method will teach you some of the most useful Spanish words and phrases for you to become proficient in Spanish . DELE C1 Exam Report + Useful resources. In the end, I couldn’t dedicate as much time to the process because of a promotion, so I chose to take the C1. VocApp Sp. Experienced bilingual tutors: You learn from tutors (all native speakers) who are very experienced teaching DELE C1.

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