lise meitner e=mc2

However, her role in the experimental and the theoretical discovery of the fission was never properly awarded. In 1922 she discovered the Auger effect independently of Pierre Auger. What She’s Known For: Many accomplished women don’t receive the credit that they deserve and, Lise Meitner, an Austrian physicist who co-discovered nuclear fission, learned this the hard way. Why She Matters. She has moved all around Europe to find jobs that are good for her.

Meitner's research was in nuclear physics.

Name: Lise Meitner. > Involvement in E=mc2 Otto Hahn was very involved in the book E=mc2. Hahn was, along with Fritz Strassmann and Lise Meitner, a vital part in researching the process now know as nuclear fission which has led to applications such as the atomic bomb and led to intensive nuclear research through the 20th century. Discovering Uranium Fission, discovering the Auger Effect, and naming the element Protactactinium. The discovery deserved a Nobel Prize, but she never won one. After World War I, she became the first woman to hold a full professorship of physics in Germany. She has done so much in the physics field, but has not always gotten the credit that she should have. Lise retired to the UK in 1960, and continued to lecture and travel until her death at the age of 89. In conclusion Lise Meitner was a very smart woman, raised with many siblings and having a love for music. Lifetime: November 7, 1878 – October 27, 1968. Lise Meitner was a key figure in discovery of nuclear fission. You Are Here: Home - All About Otto Hahn! Meitner was part of the team that discovered nuclear fission, an achievement for which her colleague Otto Hahn was awarded the Nobel Prize. Lise Meitner In 1905 Meitner became the second woman to obtain a PhD in physics at the University of Vienna. Meitner is often mentioned as one of the most glaring examples of women's scientific achievement overlooked by the Nobel committee. Lise Meitner 1878-1968 Lise Meitner was an Austrian, physicist who worked on radioactivity and nuclear physics.

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