japan earthquake history
The earthquake … Sorted: Recent. Also, the history displayed on this page defaults to the current date at UTC; please take this into consideration if you view this page and the day is either ahead or behind your local date. Five million tons of material and debris from Japan were swept out to the Pacific Ocean by the tsunami. this month: 5.9 in Kushikino , Kagoshima , Japan. The earthquake was so strong that it shifted Earth on its axis. Offshore of Misawa, Japan. Earthquake names and magnitudes may differ slightly from what is currently in the ComCat Earthquake Catalog since the sources of each may be different. The largest fault slip ever recorded caused the tsunami that hit Japan. In Edo most of the wood buildings collapsed. The date was September 1, 1923, and the event was the Great Kanto Earthquake, at the time considered the worst natural disaster ever to strike quake-prone Japan. December 31, 1703 Japan was hit by a strong earthquake with a reconstructed intensity of 8 after the Mercalli-scale. The earthquake and ensuing tsunami claimed 52 lives and resulted in significant material damage in Northern Japan. The initial jolt … this year: 7.0 in Kuril’sk , Hokkaido , Japan. The largest earthquake in Japan: today: 5.1 in Katsuura , Chiba , Japan. This earthquake struck off the coast of Honshu Island, near Misawa Japan, Aomori Prefecture, and was followed by a significant tsunami. May 9, … this week: 5.1 in Katsuura , Chiba , Japan.

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