how to localize an app

You can anticipate and tackle issues at the design phase in order to get all the parts of the localization process moving with minimum expense and maximum efficiency.
It also means that you should either localize everything or nothing, as seeing half translated applications is usually worse than apps that are not translated at all. This is a very simple single-language application which displays a country’s image and a text view according to the language set in the device. You never know who will find your app useful. My good friend Gonzalo Juarez is the co-founder at eTips , the number one publisher of mobile travel apps.

Localizing your mobile app goes way deeper than that. There are two steps to creating a localized app. making it display its user interface in other languages – is surprisingly painless in iOS, and really the only hard part is making sure you get all your text translated by native speakers of your target languages. Pseudo-localization is a kind of localization dry-run, or disclosure test. 1 How to localize an app It sounds complicated, but in fact localizing an app is easier than we think. You never know who will find your app useful. You produce a set of resources that are not really translated; they only look that way. Pseudo-localize your app to uncover any localizability issues. Start by adding values directories to your resources so that Android knows you have localized your app. Localizing an app – i.e.

By default, Google's Android SDK tools create a /res/ directory at the top level of your project. Mobile app localization is not as simple as translating your app into Spanish or French for the Spanish or French-speaking markets – which span multiple countries across different hemispheres with contrasting climates, cultures and beliefs. Swift version: 5.1. How to Localize an App Without Skipping a Beat in Development. Let’s go over a sample application to better understand the localization process. Unless your app is designed for a specific region, take the time to localize your app in every language.

Place all your app localization directories in one /res/ basket. Localization and development need to be set up to cooperate. How to localize your iOS app. Step-by-step Android localization tutorial. Paul Hudson @twostraws May 28th 2019. Preparing your Android app for localization . Localize your App Store metadata, such as your app description, keywords, and screenshots, for each of the countries or territories in which you offer your app. A great app is all about user experience and the value it brings to your customers. You can also translate your app’s name and tailor your keywords to reflect the values of each market so your …

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