dumbbell side lunge muscles worked
They are one of the most beneficial exercises in terms of building strength, stability and endurance, but they are also one of the most dreaded because they are difficult.

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About this exercise. Muscles Worked. See all exercise benefits - muscles worked. Lunges are a staple for toning and strengthening the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Muscles Worked: legs Difficulty: Easy Equipment needed: Dumbbells Stand upright with dumbbells at your side, palms facing your body.
To target your muscles slightly differently and add variety to your workout, try diagonal lunges. What Muscle Groups Do Walking Lunges Work?. The traditional lunge is done in a linear, front-to-back movement. Step 2: Stand with your feet together.

Like the title states for this variation of the side lunge, you are going to need a pair of dumbbells to hold in each of your hands. Keeping your shoulders back, return to the starting position and go again on the other leg. Step 5: Stand back up and bring your right leg back in.

Working the bigger muscle groups like your quads and thighs will spike your metabolism quite high - burning lots of extra calories. ... muscles worked. Dumbbell Side Lunge.

Dumbbell Side Lunge Benefits

Walking lunges are the double-edged sword in fitness.

That’s one rep. With a pair of dumbbells at your side, take a big step backwards until your knee lightly grazes the floor.

How to do Side Lunge With Dumbbells with proper form and technique. Step 6: Now step out with your left leg and repeat. Lower body by flexing knee and hip of lead leg, keeping knee pointed same direction of foot.

Land on heel then forefoot. Blog Exercise Library ... Free Weight Exercises, Dumbbell Exercises, Kettlebell Exercises, Adductor Exercises, Glute Exercises. Position closest dumbbell behind thigh and opposite dumbbell to front.

There are many different variations of lunge exercises that target different muscle groups. Return to original standing position by forcibly extending hip and knee of lead leg.

Step 4: Bend at the knee and squat down to a 90 degree angle. How to do Goblet Side Lunge: Step 1: Take a dumbbell or kettlebell and hold it in both hands under your chin (hold dumbbell long ways). The secondary muscles with this exercise are your Hamstrings, Calves, and Core. The primary muscles involved with this lift are your Quadriceps, Inner Thighs, and Glutes.

Muscles Used in Diagonal Lunges.

Do the exercises in … Muscles Worked The dumbbell shoulder press is a movement similar to the strict press (barbell) that can produce significant growth of the shoulder, triceps, and upper chest. Lunge to one side with first leg. Perform Dumbbell Side Lunge as you would the Side Lunge, but increasing the lunge difficulty by holding dumbbells by your sides, therefore providing more muscle resistance. The side lunge targets the hard to reach inner thighs, while the traditional forward lunge works your larger quad muscles. Step 3: Step out laterally with your right foot.

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