diablo 4 gameplay druid

Diablo 4 - 20 Minutes of Gameplay With Druid. The video focuses on the third revealed character class that will appear in Blizzard's game - the Druid.
Diablo 4 - 20 minut gameplayu prezentującego Druida.
After a nearly 20-year-long hiatus, the Druid is back in the hands of players for Diablo 4 and was one of three classes in the floor demo at this year's BlizzCon. Blending shapeshifting and nature-oriented spellcasting with raw physical presence, D4's Druid is a massive beast that nonetheless has some extra tricks up his sleeves. A new 20-minute gameplay from Diablo IV was released online. PC Gamer recently had a chance to play the class and have released a twenty-minute long gameplay video revealing more details about the Druid.

When Blizzard revealed the new trailer for Diablo 4, long-time fans of the series were excited to see the return of the Druid class its absence in Diablo 3. With Diablo 4’s recent unveiling at BlizzCon 2019, the studio revealed three playable classes coming to the game. Do Internetu trafił 20-minutowy gameplay z Diablo IV.

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