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Consumer dispute resolution procedures; Energy consumers. Know more. Even then you only have the right to an exchange, a repair or a credit note and not to a refund. COVID-19 and the digitalisation of health: five risks you need to know. Know more. For consumer issues in Belgium, you can turn to a consumer organization such as Test-Achats (FR … Prepared by Dr Margaret Carran For the European Gaming and Betting Association Correspondence address: City Law School, City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB … Your energy consumer rights Consumer rights. COVID-19 and the digitalisation of health: five risks you need to know. If you have a dispute about an online or related transaction with the EU, first of all you should try to resolve it directly with that company. News; Blog ‘Farm to Fork’: EU makes welcome strides towards greener and healthier food . Consumer Protection and Consumer Advocacy During the Pandemic. European Consumer Centre Belgium At the European level, a set of rules is also applied to fight against incorrect or misleading information given by some sellers. Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: advice by consumer groups. Know more. ECJ Clarifies Interpretation Of Consumer Sales And Guarantees Directive Van Bael & Bellis. Know more. Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: advice by consumer groups.
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CONSUMER PROTECTION IN EU ONLINE GAMBLING REGULATION Review of the implementation of selected provisions of European Union Commission Recommendation 2014/478/EU across EU States. In Europe generally - not just Belgium - you are expected to decide what colour you want BEFORE you buy. Consumer protection is an area where the EU has some relevant competences, and it is an important element of ensuring an accessible market for disabled people. The European Commission launched on Tuesday a new set of rules intended to boost the protection of consumers within the European Union, a statement confirms.. You can also contact the Consumer Mediation Service, an independent public service which: Consumer protection is a horizontal area, cross-cutting very diverse sectors, impacting both consumers and businesses, and covered, at the EU level, by a high number of Directives. Whilst not every shop will apply the rules rigidly, your rights are restricted to goods which are faulty or otherwise 'not fit for purpose'. Consumer protection Consumer law is all about the rules and conventions governing the purchase and the sale of goods and services. New EU Regulation On Geo-Blocking: Impacts All Online Retailers Selling Within The EU Hogan Lovells. The Consumer Rights Directive gives consumers the same strong rights across the EU. Consumer protection against unfair commercial practices; Resolving consumer disputes . EIOPA’s vision for the future from the consumers’ standpoint ; The role of financial education in the emerging and developing markets: lessons to be learned; Keynote Interview. ECC Belgium is only competent for consumer issues in Europe. 20 May 2020. It aligns and harmonises national consumer rules, for example on the information consumers need to be given before they purchase something, and their right to …

Financial consumer protection is an increasing priority for policymakers around the world, as its own policy objective and as a contributing factor to the healthy development of the financial sector, financial inclusion, and broader economic growth. First item; Previous item; Next item; Last item; 5 rights when buying online. EU Court Of Justice … Know more. These new rules, which aim to improve the enforcement and modernisation of current EU consumer rules protection rules, are part of the New Deal for Consumers. If at the EU level consumer protection is an area of shared If you have a problem with a product or service sold by a seller based in another European Member State or in Norway or Iceland, you can contact the ECC Belgium for free information, advice and mediation services. New EU rules to boost consumer protection enter into force Tuesday, 07 January 2020 The New Deal for Consumers was adopted in April 2018 and aims to strengthen the enforcement of EU consumer law.

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