chang'e 3 landing
Chang'e-3 Moon-landing Mission. Data from Chang’e 1 and Chang’e 2 was used to pick a landing spot for Chang’e 3 which is the first Chinese mission to the lunar surface.

Chang'e-3 is the third robotic lunar probe mission within CLEP (China Lunar Exploration Program). Named for the goddess of the Moon in Chinese mythology, Chang’e 3 launches atop a Long March 3B rocket on December 1, 2013 headed for insertion into Lunar Orbit on December 6. Soon after landing, a small rover named Yutu (or Jade Rabbit in English) was deployed and took its first tentative drive onto the airless regolith. The objective is to soft-land on the moon's surface and deploy an unmanned Lunar Rover to explore the areas surrounding the landing site. Chang'e 3 landed on Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains) just east of a 450 m diameter impact crater on 14 December 2013.

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