apple card payment

Apple Card, a credit card that Apple created in partnership with the MasterCard payment network and the investment bank Goldman Sachs, includes a handy feature allowing you to download an Apple Card statement as a PDF document which contains not only payments you’ve made but also other transaction details such as your refunded purchases and more. The card has no card number, CVV security code, expiration date, or signature printed on the card.

The logos on the card are engraved, and the cardholder's name is laser-etched onto the card. Can I use my Apple Card as a payment option? Once you're approved for the loan, you can use your Apple Card as your monthly payment option, which gives you that sweet 3% cashback reward every time you make a payment.

You sure can. When you make a payment, you clearly see how much interest you could owe and how it would change based on the amount you pay. And if you ever need to contact us, just call or text — we’re available 24/7. Goldman Sachs is the issuing bank for Apple Card.

We also built in payment suggestions to help you decide what amount is right for you. If your Apple Cash balance is …

Instead of loading in and using your usual bank card from Chase or Wells Fargo, you use your Apple Card from Goldman Sachs. Apple and Goldman Sachs will allow Apple Card holders to skip their March payment without incurring interest by signing up for a Customer Assistance Program, Apple …

In fact, it might be worth getting an Apple Card just for this ease of use. Apple has designed a titanium Apple Card for shopping at locations where Apple Pay contactless payment is not accepted. Apple Card is one more card that you can use digitally with Apple Pay. A closer look at our application process.

The Apple Card has user-friendly financial wellness tools that show users exactly how much it will cost if they carry a balance, so you know the consequences of not paying in full. The statement includes all your Apple Card payments, refunds and credits. Titanium card. If you've set up Apple Cash and verified your identity, you can use Apple Cash to help make an immediate one-time payment to your Apple Card..

It’s all pretty straightforward.

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