apollo 6 crew

Joseph H. Engle – from Group 5; was originally named as Apollo 17 Lunar Module Pilot, but lost his slot to Schmitt. Following on the heels of the two very successful Apollo 4 and 5 missions, Apollo 6 was the second all-up unmanned test of the Saturn 5. Apollo 6 – NASA’s Last Unmanned Test Flight. The mission lasted for about 10 hours and despite the malfunctions, it proved to NASA that a manned spaceflight is a possibility. After Apollo, he also flew as commander of STS-5, STS-41-B and STS-35. Edward G. Givens Jr. – from Group 5; was on the support crew of Apollo 7, but died in a car crash near Houston, Texas on June 6, 1967.

Launched on April 4, 1968, Apollo 6 was the last unmanned test flight in the Apollo Space Program.

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