all dwarf planets
Click here for an interesting article on the discovery of Ceres. Eris has the orbit that is most highly inclined of all the dwarf planets, tilted nearly 47 degrees from the plane of the planets’ orbits.

1:42. Piazzi named the planet after the goddess Ceres (Roman goddess of agriculture). A day on Eris takes 25.9 hours. Jessica Pace Lyells, Loki Alohikea, Jan van der Beek, and Sophia Oaks) Eris has one moon, Dysnomia.
As with all dwarf planets, it is invisible to the naked eye and was not known to the ancients. 1:49.

According to the International Astronomical Union (IAU), there are 8 planets and 5 officially recognized dwarf planets in our solar system. Ceres has only been visited by 1 spaceraft - Dawn - … These 8 planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Haumea Song for kids/Dwarf Planet Haumea Song for Children by Kids Learning Tube. Along with Pluto, astronomers have identified four other dwarf planets. Pluto/Dwarf Planet Pluto Song for Kids/Pluto Facts by Kids Learning Tube.

While standard planets must meet three criteria, dwarf planets only need to check off two: They must orbit the sun and be of sufficient size for their gravity to squish them into a spherical shape. The Dwarf Planet Song (feat. List of Planets and Dwarf Planets in our Solar System.

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