Pomona Goddess Symbols

Specific kinds of fruit have acquired their own symbolic meanings in the myths and legends of different cultures. Among them was the worship of Pomona, goddess of the harvest, often portrayed sitting on a basket of fruits and flowers.

Reprinted with permission of the author.

... Pomona (goddess). ~Martin Luther. Chione was the daughter of Daedalion, a courageous, yet merciless, warrior.She was a beautiful lady desired by mortals and immortals, including the gods Apollo and Hermes. The most significant early epics about the Olympian gods were composed about the eighth century B.C. The Great Goddess Pomona "Adoration for Pomona" (in the month of the apple tree) by Scott B. Stewart This month, this season we will gather under the apple tree as Autumn dawns upon the earth to pray under the apple tree so dear to Pomona's heart. Hermes used magic to make Chione fall to sleep and then raped her. POMONA AND VERTUMNUS. Definition of Pomona in the Definitions.net dictionary. One of the most frequently used motifs is the triple moon, combining the images of the waxing, full and waning moon. Sometimes, however, fruit represents earthly pleasures, overindulgence, and temptation. Goddess of agriculture. Pomona Goddess of orchards and fruit-bearing trees. What does Pomona mean? Symbols of the Wiccan Goddesses. The apple served as a symbol for Pomona and which might have been incorporated into Samhain by the practice of "bobbing for apples" ( The History of Halloween ). Unlike many other agricultural deities, Pomona is not associated with the harvest itself, but with the flourishing of fruit trees. Meaning of Pomona. Pomona was the goddess of fruit trees, garden, and orchards which she watches over and cares for. In Greek and Roman mythology, pears are sacred to three goddesses: Hera (Juno to the Romans), Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans), and Pomona, an Italian goddess of gardens and harvests. Pomona is a city with a bright vision for its future, and is dedicated to the quality of life for our diverse community. Often it is a symbol of abundance, associated with goddesses of fertility, plenty, and the harvest. Reprinted with permission of the author. Latin: Ceres (goddess). Unlike many other agricultural deities, Pomona is not associated with the harvest itself, but with the flourishing of fruit trees.

Pomona - Goddess of Fruit Trees and Fruit. Pomona was a Roman goddess who was the keeper of orchards and fruit trees. Adorn your home and life with beauty: decorate, make art, write, arrange fresh flowers, or any creative act. -Weakness:He had a weakness for women and cheated on his wife Hera Greek Gods Strengths and Weaknesses Zeus Artemis - Zeus was the God of the sky and he was the ruler of all the gods. Dear and wise Pomona, we invoke thee in the sacred month of your apple tree -Strengths:He was a leader, a powerful man. Once, when the kings of the Silvian House reigned over the Latin people, there lived a nymph whose name was Pomona.

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