zenit 3 rocket

The model has a fully textured, detailed design that allows for close-up renders, and was originally modeled in 3ds Max 2012 and rendered with V-Ray. Zenit-3 would be able to deliver one (1) ton of payload to the geostationary orbit after its launch from Baikonur. The Zenit (Zenith) rocket was the last, and most advanced, space launch vehicle developed by the former Soviet Union. LAUNCH FACILITIES: Launch pad in Baikonur A cutaway view of the three-stage Zenit-3 launch vehicle, equipped with Block-D upper stage. Renders have no postprocessing. Zenit-3 has never flown from Baikonur but, later became a base for the Sea Launch project. Although it began life as a military satellite launcher, its primary use in recent years has been to boost commercial satellites into space for the multi-national Sea Launch venture. Having secured launch contracts for several customers, Virgin... Virgin Galactic continues … Stage III (Block D upper stage) Originated as a part of the legendary N1 moon rocket, the venerable Block D upper stage then migrated to the Proton and to the the Zenit launch vehicles to play a role of a space tug delivering payloads to their final orbits. Odyssey Sea Launch Platform with Zenit 3SL Rocket is a high quality, photo real 3d model that will enhance detail and realism to any of your rendering projects. Under development by Virgin Orbit since 2007, LauncherOne is an air launched rocket for small satellite payloads. 2 satellite to Geostationary Drift Orbit. A Zenit 3 rocket blasted off on Friday, lighting up the evening skies over the Baikonur Cosmodrome for its 83rd and possibly last flight, embarking on a long mission to deliver the Elektro-L No.

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