why should we colonize mars nasa

Get short URL. But if you’re like the rest of the population, you might be asking yourself: why don’t we start small and colonize our … If you’ve been paying any attention to NASA and SpaceX lately, then you might’ve caught wind about their mutual interest in colonizing Mars within just a few decades. Humans should go to Mars to slowly work towards building a civilization there, according to Digital Trends. NASA plans to colonize Mars 23 Jun, 2014 17:37 . But people are a different … well, animal, altogether.

Eventually, humans will most likely journey to Mars.

Getting astronauts to the Martian surface and returning them safely to Earth, however, is an extremely difficult engineering challenge.

Next, Space-X is developing the BFR (or whatever they are calling it this week) which Musk wants to use to colonize Mars and blast executives into orbit or who knows what. Hendrix thinks we should try out a very temporary, short-term colony on Mars, and use that as a stepping stone, use it kind of a practice run, and then go colonize Titan. Let's just say we humans like our surfaces. We can easily send robots to Mars, because their feelings don't get hurt if you forget to pack the oxygen and food. Mars is the closest thing we have to Earth in the entire solar system, and that’s not saying much.
We will have to place the construction machines inside the payload compartment of a rocket. This would make the process of colonizing it easier.

The Red Planet is a cold, dead place, with an atmosphere about 100 times thinner than Earth’s.

After the Earth, Mars is the most habitable planet in our solar system due to several reasons: Gravity on Mars is 38% that of our Earth's, which is believed by many to be sufficient for the human body to adapt to.
Meet the man working with NASA to 3D print a colony on Mars. H owever Nasa may be beaten. ... We like to talk about pioneering Mars rather than just exploring Mars, because once we get to Mars we will set up some sort of permanent presence." This would make the process of colonizing it easier.

It has an atmosphere (albeit a thin one) that offers protection from cosmic and the Sun's radiation. The Mars One project, set up by a nonprofit organization based in the Netherlands has proposed to land the first humans on Mars and establish a … Scientist Stephen Hawking claims that humans need to colonize planets in the next 1,000 years to ensure survival. And while you're at it, here's how a team of dreamers from NASA envisioned Venus colonisation a couple of … Overpopulation and limited resources on Earth makes Mars a potentially suitable place to colonize.

Additionally, Mars is closer to Earth than the other Solar planets – except for Venus, but we already covered why it's not a very good option!

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