what is krav maga

Krav Maga is an Israeli form of self-defense, developed for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in 1948.

Because New Yorkers are among the busiest people in the world and New York City is a challenging, competitive place and not always the safest place to live and work. Because of its growing popularity, we’ve decided to analyse it for you and present to you everything you need to know about the technique and its benefits. Refreshingly, Krav Maga is unlike any other martial art favouring simplicity and practicality over stylised, complex techniques . What is Krav Maga? As such, the system evolved with a focus on simple and instinctive responces to a wide range of realistic threats.

In this Puncher exclusive interview, he introduces you to the basics of training, fighting and survival as taught at Roy Elghanayan Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a military self-defense system developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Israeli security forces (Shin Bet and Mossad) that consists of a combination of techniques sourced from boxing, wrestling, aikido, judo, along with realistic fight training. REKM’s Roy Elghanayan, “The Bruce Lee of Krav Maga” and the only person to be twice named Israeli Krav Maga National Champion, is recognized worldwide as an expert in the Israeli Krav Maga martial art. Why? Krav Maga is an Isreali martial art, and the marketing hype is based on it being the martial art of the Isreali Defense Forces (IDF). Krav Maga is completely practical and relevant to modern urban lifestyles in cities such as New York City. Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and its extreme efficiency and brutal counter-attacks. Krav Maga is a very specific technique that is somewhere in between a self-defence technique and a combat sport. That is tantamount to learning Marine Corp Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) or Systema (used by Russian military). Prior to the formation of the Israeli state it was used by civilians looking to defend themselves from prosecution during World War II. Once the Israeli state was formed, Krav Maga was implemented to train soldiers in self-defense tactics necessary for combat. It is a modern discipline and it developed as a blend of several Oriental martial arts, with a distinctly Israeli touch. Krav Maga was designed an intuitive and effective method of self protection for people of any age and physical ability. Krav Maga was designed to avoid, deter, prevent and deal with violent confrontations of any kind and it has been described as everything from realistic self defence to the art of making it home alive.

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