what did the japanese find when they photographed the moon

This means the terminator would be to the West of the landing zone and they'd land during the first phase of the Moon. Apollo 16 wasn't far from the "bulls-eye" so the Moon would've been approaching half-full when they landed. Chinese space officials announced that they did, however, find a previously unknown, actively inhabited man made outpost that they are observing. They came closer to the Moon than any previous crewed mission, and paved the way for the actual moon landing which took place with Apollo 11 in July of 1969.

Chang’e 3, named after the goddess of the Moon in Chinese mythology, was a follow-up mission to Chang’e 1 and Chang’e 2 which were both lunar orbiters. The news article is stating the fact that China did get a picture of an area on the moon that NASA had photographed and tried to photo brush out. NASA / Apollo 10 Video evidence appears to show two males resembling Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur both alive and living on the moon. Buildings on the MOON: Shock video suggests mystery alien lunar colony exists A REMARKABLE video has sparked intense speculation there may be a secret colony for aliens developed on the Moon. Their lander, and over were about a 1,000 miles away from the closest Apollo landing site. China says they will continue to monitor the area for further evidence. Well Guess What, China is not covering up the picture, but have not said what is in the picture, they are showing the NASA picture. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera snapped its best look yet of the Apollo 11 landing site on the moon.


$\begingroup$ @MarkAdler In order to allow the maximum amount of daylight for the mission, landings were timed to land on the Moon soon after local dawn. The rover, wasn’t that speedy, and barely made it 100 yards before the drives motors stopped working.

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