what's your why activity

What's your move? Your activity history is stored locally on your device, and if you’ve signed in to your device with a Microsoft account and given your permission, Windows sends your activity history to Microsoft. Identify the things you can do to make other people’s lives better. Discover Your WHY by Digging Deep into Your Past 3. We measure our success by the number of product features we build, how many goods we sell, how many client calls we make. What motivates you to do everything you do? The big dice is worth a point value. Human beings crave more from life than survival. Others show up because of how they do things. Whether they’re selling a product or a work-related task, leaders need to be in the business of knowing their why, or at least that of the company. Playing Video Games. Learn more about the information we collect and why. Your What’s are all the things you do that prove your Why – the phrases you choose to convey your intentions, the strength and success of your relationships, decisions that you make in all your spheres of life, the professional services you offer or results that you achieve at work – these are all What activities. It’s why you were born. While most workout gadgets estimate all the calories you burn during the day, Apple Watch does something different. The dice questions game/activity requires a big and small dice and this activity sheet. Once you know your “why,” constantly remind yourself of it, whether that’s by doodling it on your hand, making it your cell phone background, or getting it printed on a tank.” – Women’s Health. Why Discovering Your 'Why' Is the No. Activity Monitor shows the processes that are running on your Mac, so you can manage them and see how they affect your Mac's activity and performance. Sleeping. Find Your WHY. These activities require you to be introspective and answer some questions about your personal experiences to uncover your life’s purpose. What is your favorite activity? This activity can help you tap into these meaningful moments to start building out a personal and professional purpose statement. You do that by asking yourself why you love it and why it’s important to have it in your life.I’ve been doing this exercise over the last 3 years and found that my list got more and more refined as I went. Email. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it … Find Out Now. Eating-----I know, that seems like a wierd list. Next, provide a dice for each group of students. Each number on the small dice corresponds to a type of question – who, what, when, where, why and have you ever. 1. What I was missing was a really good “why.” Don’t get me wrong, I had thought long and hard about what my goals were.

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