wahine disaster crew list

17 Oct, 1968 4:22pm . Fireman and truck during Wahine Disaster, eastern shore of Wellington Harbour Evening Post. The Wahine disaster claimed the lives of 53 of the 734 people onboard. He travelled on the Wahine before she sank, so did my mother. Although the troublesome Wahine was close to New Zealand's capital city, the rescue effort was delayed by several hours due to uncertainty over the ship's fate. At the same time her list to Starboard increased noticeably. But last night's re-examination of the Wahine interisland ferry sinking in April 1968 (Inside Story: The Wahine Disaster, TV One, 9.30) navigated its way solidly around the sensationalist reefs on which so many of the lightweights run aground. Aside from interviews with survivors and crew, there are memories from two key rescuers — tugboat Captain John Brown and policeman Jim Mason — who both saved many people from rough seas. Storm warnings had been issued, but rough seas were nothing new in Cook Strait. The tide swung the Wahine beam on to the wind providing some shelter on the starboard side. Wahine made this overnight trip six times a week, three in each direction. He will proably be the best person to contact and I am sure he won't mind you dropping in a line. WITH 734 passengers and crew, Wahine left Lyttelton at 8.43pm on her final voyage and was due in Wellington the next day. Crew cabin from the TEV Wahine wreck 2003.4842.76. The Wahine Disaster is one of New Zealand's most well known and remembered tragedies.

By 1.00 p.m. the wind had dropped a little although the seas remained very rough. She carried 123 crew, 610 passengers, one stowaway, and about a hundred vehicles. The Wahine Disaster - This award-winning documentary chronicles how events unfolded for passengers on the morning the ferry Wahine hit rocks in Wellington Harbour on 10 April 1968. The Wahine, listing on her side. This is a list of New Zealand disasters by death toll, listing major disasters (excluding acts of war) which occurred in New Zealand and its territories or involved a significant number of New Zealand citizens, in a specific incident, where the loss of life was 10 or more. Many of the fatalties were of elderly people and young children who struggled to swim in the best of weather let alone rough seas. At 1.15 p.m. the passengers and crew were instructed to abandon the ship on the starboard side. Unedited video of the shipwreck, interviews with some passengers and crew. The tragedy can be attributed to one major cause - the weather. Some of us - passengers and crew - formed a chain to pass women and children through to the boat deck. The pride of the New Zealand merchant fleet, the Union Steam Ship Company vessel TEV Wahine – ZMGW, was berthed at the South Island port of Lyttleton preparing for the regular overnight crossing to Wellington. Wellington Museums Trust Collections held by New Zealand Maritime Museum Hui Te Ananui a Tangaroa. With the Wahine Diaster,it would proably be best to contact Martin Cahill. It was the 9th of April 1968. At the same time her list to Starboard increased noticeably. About 6am, as the ferry reached the narrow entrance to Wellington Harbour, the wind suddenly intensified from over 50 knots (92.6kmh) to more than 100 knots (185.2kmh).

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