unity personal license

Note that eligibility requirements for Unity Education Licenses differ by region. We do everything we can to make our software available to as many people as possible and give it away free of charge to many of you. Resolution Can I make a commercial game with Unity Free/Personal Edition? Can I combine content from my school with my home Personal Edition?

Click the blue ‘Activate New License’ button and input your new License key. To do so, follow the steps below: Can I put my Subscription on hold? Activation - Personal Unity licensing. You are a Unity License holder and would like to know how you can see your own licenses for managing your activations, or further purchases.

Can I purchase different subscription tiers on my Organization?

For more detailed guidance and screenshots please visit our documentation page here . I have a Unity License, and want to know where and how I am able to view it. Eligibility: Unity Personal is for individuals, hobbyists, and small organizations with less than $100K of revenue or funds raised in the last 12 months. Can I switch my subscription payment plan? However, to allow us to continue to maintain and develop the Unity engine to a high professional standard, we charge a license …

Licensing and Payments. Educators may apply on behalf of their institution. If you have used Unity Personal, or a different Pro/Plus license key, in the past you need to update your Editor to input your new license details. Cause. The Unity License Grant Program. Start creating today with the free version of Unity. Applications are reviewed by Unity and approved based on eligibility. Qualified not-for-profit academic institutions and educational programs can get free Unity licenses. I would like to know where I can access and manage my Unity License information.

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