the weather company enhanced forecast

The Weather Company, an IBM Business, offers industry-leading weather solutions.

Below is a list of our current product offerings.

Enhanced forecast API. The Weather Company’s professional weather software and products lead the industry. The Weather Company, an IBM Business, offers industry-leading technology platforms & services combining accurate forecast data with AI, analytics and IoT to help consumers & businesses make faster, smarter decisions based on upcoming weather.

Leverage a powerful combination of accurate weather forecast software and data to make better business decisions. Browse by industry to learn how precision weather forecasting can support your organization. Developers wishing to access the API or documentation need to contact the provider. Includes a leading-edge forecasting, 200 meteorologists, our network of observations, radar and satellite assimilation.

The API supports precipitation forecast, 15-minute forecast, standard 15-day hourly forecast, on-demand gridded forecast at a 4 km resolution, and location mapping services. Make even routine weather look fascinating.

In a market where time is money, make better, smarter, faster decisions with WSI Trader.

The Weather Company offers commodities traders a single, global, interactive view of the most accurate weather forecasts, bringing clarity and insight to critical decision making. The only fully-integrated traffic and weather system available. Accurate weather forecasts ensure that you and your clients are prepared for the worst while expecting the best.

The Weather Company Enhanced Forecast API enables awareness of weather events.

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