the honest woodcutter and the water fairy

Then the water-goddess again dived into the water and brought a silver axe. Jack, the first woodcutter was a very energetic and honest one. Skip trial 1 month free. The pond was very deep. Taking pity on him, the god Hermes (also known as Mercury ) dived into the water and returned with a golden axe. But one day, while cutting wood his axe fell into the pond. She gave him all the three axes. The woodman was very glad to get back his axe and two extra axes. The woodcutter did not know how to swim or dive.

So the fairy dived for the third time and brought the actual axe of the woodman. Loading... Unsubscribe from … He used to cut wood from the forest and sold in the market. In a village next to a forest there lived two woodcutters. So, he was sitting there sadly.

Fantastic Fairy Tale: The Honest Woodcutter . They were neighbors staying next to each other. This time the woodcutter said that it was not his axe. Tim, the other woodcutter was a lazy and a mean person. Get YouTube without the ads. WOODCUTTER: Ah, that is my ax!. NARRATOR: When the fairy came out of the water, she had the woodcutter´s ax. FAIRY: I´ll leave it here, and let me go again inside the water. The Greek version of the story tells of a woodcutter who accidentally dropped his axe into a river and, because this was his only means of livelihood, sat down and wept. Both earned their living by cutting woods in the near by forest. An Honest Woodcutter and the Beautiful Fairy . Find out why Close. Once there lived a poor woodcutter, in a village near a jungle. the honest woodcutter and the water fairy jannafel. The goddess became pleased with him for his honesty.

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