team of teams agile

Agile theorists often quote Tuckman's "stages of group development.” Agile teams go through four key phases as they develop. Manche Unternehmen haben zwar immer schon darauf geachtet, Mitarbeiter zu rekrutieren, die zum Unternehmen und zum Team passen, jedoch war dabei der Gedanke oft weniger bezogen auf die Leistungsfähigkeit des Teams als vielmehr auf soziale Faktoren. Die Werte der Selbstorganisation und des agilen Arbeitens im Team.

The product development team consists of the testing team, programming team, backend, front end, testing team, etc. Team of teams is a network of networks.

In der Linienorganisation werden Entscheidungen „nach oben“ verlagert. The typical agile company has several such teams, most composed of a small number of people who have many or all of the skills the team needs to carry out its mission.

4) Sub-Team in Agile Team – Sub-team could be in any domain & depends upon how big the organization is. Mostly, because we misunderstand what a product actually is. In big organizations, there are sub-teams for different domains. Some of them appeals to me, other don’t. Auch selbstorganisierte autarke Teams brauchen Führung.

If you are interested in teamwork, and the war against Al Qaeda, you should buy this book.

Deshalb bleiben klassische Aufgaben von Managern bestehen.

Die Einführung agiler Arbeitsmethoden sorgt für eine hohe Flexibilisierung und beschleunigte Arbeitsweisen. In summary the ”Team of Teams”-book tells very many stories, from the Army and the industry.

I was researching the history of scaling agile teams to whole organizations. This multidisciplinary way of composing teams has implications for nearly every business function. similarly in business development sales, partnerships, relationships, etc. GM had over 7,000 employees broken up into many teams. (Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos contends that a team is too big when it needs more than two pizza pies for lunch.) In agilen Teams, die sich selbst organisieren, werden Entscheidungen autonom dort gefällt, wo sie anfallen. Allerdings müssen sie im agilen Umfeld führen.

Something that we found came very intuitively when we described the rationale behind, what we called Level 2 Circles in Agile Lean Leadership.

Die agile Wir-Sicht hat deutliche Auswirkungen nicht nur auf die Führung, sondern auch auf die Personalauswahl.

Diverse Teams fördern. I’m going to suggest that the very definition of an Agile team is getting in the way of forming Agile teams. It turns out that McChrystal was already there. Once the team is in place, it's important to remember that agile teams are like individuals: they take time to grow.

Mostly, because we misunderstand what a product actually is. Overall the message told in this book really resonates with my own believes regarding teams, and how they should interact in a larger context!

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