space station meaning

Spot The Station will give you a list of upcoming space station sighting opportunities for your location. America’s station Skylab was used in the mid-1970s.
As though she was counting down a space mission launch, NASA International Space Station program scientist Julie Robinson has been running through her list of top 10 science achievements carried out aboard the six person orbiting science lab with a series of blogs. The Meaning of ISS ISS means “International Space Station”. ISS is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which means “International Space Station”. Six more Salyuts followed. Top definition is 'a manned artificial satellite in a fixed orbit designed for scientific research'. What is ISS? Several times a week, Mission Control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, determines sighting opportunities for over 6,700 locations worldwide. ISS Definition / ISS Means The exact definition of ISS is “International Space Station”. Space Station Meaning in Hindi. This Page is dedicated to all those […] What does ISS mean? Recent Examples on the Web The superheroes, those that aren’t dead or undead, have left the planet with spaceships full of survivors, leaving only a smattering of villains behind, led by Red Hood and Deathstroke. The station has been continuously staffed by U. S.and […] The first space station, Salyut 1, was launched in 1971 by Russia. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Space, Astronomy space station ˈspace ˌstation noun [countable] TTS a large spacecraft that stays above the Earth and is a base for people travelling in space or for scientific tests Examples from the Corpus space station • However, this is by no means the first-ever space station. The International Space Station (ISS) was launched in 1998, and is the biggest structure ever built in space.

ISS is “International Space Station”. International Space Station definition: an orbiting space station construction of which began in 2001 with the cooperation of 16... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Space Station meaning and example sentences with space station. There are total 2 hindi meaning and definitions have been listed for the english word 'space station'.

Spaceship definition is - a vehicle used for space travel. Read More . Its first meaning is 'अंतरिक्ष स्टेशन' which can be transliterated into english as 'antariksh steshan'. This was followed by the Russian space station Mir in 1986, which was in use until 2001.

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