should data saver be on or off
Data Saver will limit background refresh for all apps except, for some reason, Google Play Services. New Data Saver feature will help you save precious mobile data [Diving into Android N] 586. — modified on Apr 29, 2019, 9:52:57 PM Helpful? If, however, you need certain apps like Gmail, Chrome, Facebook, and Twitter to … So, because Wi-Fi handles the data while it is on and connected, battery is saved because Wi-Fi generally uses quite a bit less power than mobile data. Maybe that's why I can go 3 days or more between charges. Data gets turned on when I need it (like when I'm driving and need data), Otherwise it's off. Save data in five simple steps How to save data in Google Chrome How to save data in Google Maps How to save data in Gmail How to save data in music streaming apps How to save data in Facebook You don’t have to sacrifice the convenience of a connected smartphone just to save money on […] (And the screen times out in 15 seconds and locks after 5 minutes.) But toggling the cellular setting on and off can be pain. Do I have to remember to turn Data Saver off whenever I'm not WiFi-connected and I want to use an app that needs data access? GPS and Bluetooth are also off when I don't need them, and Wifi goes off when I leave the house. If you really need to be that restrictive with data, perhaps it’s best to turn cellular data off.

No reason to burn battery when I don't need it. Now, you could always turn the cellular setting off to be absolutely sure that you’re not using LTE data at home.

You can TOTALLY turn off mobile data in the Settings menu, but then you would not be able to send or receive multimedia messages or use carrier services that require a mobile data connection. The Wi-Fi icon on my own iPhone, for example, tends to flicker on and off in the bathroom of my apartment, meaning I’m at the very edge of my home Wi-Fi zone. Jimmy Westenberg / @jimmywestenberg.

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