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This week in 1969, the Apollo 9 crew splashed down after a 10-day mission.

It was the first manned test of the “lunar ferry” that would put astronauts on the Moon. Here, astronaut Russell L. Schweickart performs a spacewalk on the fourth day of the Earth-orbital mission. Concurrent prime objectives included an overall checkout of launch vehicle and spacecraft systems, the crew, and procedures. Officially launched on March 3, 1969, Apollo 9 served as the third human spaceflight under the Apollo program. A lunar module had first flown without a crew during Apollo 5 on 22 January 1968. The primary objective of Apollo 9 was an Earth-orbital engineering test of the first crewed lunar module, or LM. Background Apollo 9 was a Type D mission, a lunar module manned flight demonstration in Earth orbit. The lunar module was designed to bring astronauts to the surface of … Apollo 9 was an Earth-orbiting mission that tested out the Apollo lunar module for the first time.

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