rammstein benzin meaning

FYI, “benzin” is the German word for petrol. ... Rammstein’s “Benzin” Meaning.

The entire song consists of sarcastic lyrics that act as a commentary of America and how it rules all other countries. Hence the song’s title “Benzin”. Basically the song is about burning things down.

They took their name (adding an "m") from the location of a German tragedy where 80 people were hurt and killed as the result of a crash during an American Air Force flight show. Rosenrot is about how women have ways of getting what they want.

The name of both Rammstein's new album, as well as the single from it.

May 24, 2020. Updated April 26, 2019. The literal translation of "ram stein" is a battering ram made of stone. The video for Rosenrot follows the lyrics closely, and depicts the band dressed as clergy members arriving in a Romanian village in the mountains. The first verse roughly translates to a girl asking her boyfriend to get something for her from a high cliff, and that she gets what she wants. This song expresses an appreciation for the titular device from the personal perspective of the singer. And said topic is petrol or gasoline.

Meaning of “Ausländer” by Rammstein. Benzin means gasoline.

The narrator says he neither wants/needs drugs (cocaine, alcohol, coffeine) as help in his life, nor friends, medicine or women. The song describes a man doing anything and going as far as he can for his love. On Rammstein’s “Benzin” (which is entirely sung in German), the narrator devotes the chunk of the lyrics ironically dealing with a single topic. Rammstein was formed in 1993 by an assembly of factory-weary proletarians raised in East Germany. "When we dance I want to lead" (translated) shows how America commands others to do the same as them. Translation of 'Benzin' by Rammstein from German to English.

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