playstation stats hours played

Joseph Yaden Friday, January 25, ... like how many games you’ve played or your cumulative hours spent gaming. Our website allows you to search up fortnite player stats and view their rankings on our global leaderboards. * MAU (monthly active audience) estimate only includes new players + players who earned at least one new trophy. PlayStation game stats (as of 17 May 2020) All (6097) New releases PS4 PS3 PS Vita PS VR. Wear The Purp with the greatest rappers of all time! Login with your account to access all your game information and compare with friends. At my self-estimated level, roughly 50 hours a week, 5,000 hours is 2 years of gaming. Share on other sites. For Rush Hour on the PlayStation, GameFAQs presents My Games, a way to track, collect, and rate your games. These settings apply to children who are members of your family. It’s pretty cool, so head over the PS4 2018 wrap-up site to check your stats.

The most advanced PlayStation® system ever. *Users need to have a registered PSN account in their region, be age 18 years or over, have played games on a PS4 console for at least 10 hours between January 1, 2019 and December 10, 2019, and have allowed us to collect “additional data.” Users can check their settings on PS4 at [Settings] > [Device Data/Health & Safety] > [Device Data]. You can check how many games you played, how many hours you played on each game and how many trophies you earned. You need to have subscribed to Playstation's weekly emails to get these emails.

PlayStation’s main competitor console, Xbox One, is a tremendously popular, powerful device that has been around since late 2013. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Stats. Managing play time. Dance along with the Whiteboyz Wit Attitude, and celebrate the launch of their epic new album The Pursuit of Money. Although it was released six years ago, it still remains at the top of the gaming console food chain, neck-and-neck with PlayStation 4. Simply visit the site and log in to your PlayStation account to see your own year-in-review. ". BACK TO PLAYSTATION.COM. The average PlayStation gamer played for hours The most-active month in 2017 for PlayStation gamers was July with 1.13 billion hours . Played 51 different games with marvel spider-man at no.1 (26 hour), death stranding 11 hour, and gow 9 hour, my 2019 titles is Action Hero. PS4 Pro is designed to take your favorite PS4 games and add to them with more power for graphics, performance, or features for your 4K, HDR TV, or 1080p HD TV. Click on Gaming | Media. You can see how long your children play on your PS4™ system or limit when and how long they can play.

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