planeswalker redirection rule

The Magic Minute is the best way to quickly catch up on the day’s Magic: the Gathering news. Since it is unlikely they would make a rules change like this in the second set of Ixalan block, the most likely place to see the update is around Core 2019 next summer. The rule states that you cannot directly target a Planeswalker with damage dealing spells—instead, you must target a player and then redirect the damage from that player to a Planeswalker they control. Leyline was rarely used specifically to protect your planeswalkers from lightning bolt.

Maro made several posts about an upcoming removal of the "Planeswalker damage redirection rule", along with a large amount of errata to apparently support this change. We have a YouTube channel and a … The Planeswalker redirection rule was implemented in Lorwyn with the introduction of the first Planeswalker cards.

It was always brought in primarily to protect your life total from 7 consecutive bolts, and that functionality remains.

It also still protects you from discard effects. I doubt the price is going down at all because of this rule …

Damaging Players and Planeswalkers Post-Planeswalker Redirection Rule Subscribe!. Only have a few... Find Us On Here, Too!.

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