pihanga last eruption
(Photo by Giorgio Galeotti / CC BY-SA 3.0 )

The research indicated the last major eruption was in 1655 with smaller eruptions recorded in 1755 and possibly the early 1800s. At 2,518 metres, it is the second-highest mountain in the North Island. In 1973 red hot blocks of lava were ejected and during 1974 and 1975 ash eruptions continued with lava blocks thrown as far as 3km away. The last major eruption occurred around 1655. It has exhibited many eruptive styles, and its last eruption may have occurred only 500–1000 years ago.

A small subsidiary volcanic cone, Fanthams Peak, can be seen in the foreground.

The classic cone shape of Mt Taranaki (Mt Egmont) indicates that it is an active volcano. Typically Ngauruhoe has erupted at least every 9 years but there has been no eruption since 1975, and the last lava flow from Ngauruhoe was in 1954. The eruption of Taal Volcano in Batangas, Philippines on January 12, 2020, was a phreatomagmatic eruption from its main crater that spewed ashes across Calabarzon, Metro Manila, and some parts of Central Luzon and Ilocos Region, resulting in the suspension of school classes, work schedules, and flights in the area. Recent research has shown that over the last 9,000 years minor eruptions have occurred roughly every 90 years on average, with major eruptions every 500 years. Eruption of Klyuchevskoi volcano in Kamchatka, Russia in the summer of 1993.
The island's Maori name, Tuhua , refers to the obsidian … The active volcanoes form a 700 kilometer long volcanic belt, and the 30 eruptions over the last 10,000 years have spewed 1 cubic kilometer of magma.

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