photosphere of the sun

Before its arrival, I messaged a few questions and was promptly answered by Wong LP; thanks Photosphere for the good customer service & fuss-free process. Huge arch like (loop) eruptions caused… What invisible layer protects earth fro… The outer layer of the sun atmosphere t… Sunspots. What is the suns photosphere? The Sun is huge; the radius of the Sun (the distance from the center of the Sun to one of its edges) is almost 435,000 miles!

The chromosphere is one of the outer layers of the sun. Recent Examples on the Web This set of magnetometers will measure magnetic variation throughout the spacecraft's orbit, which rangers from out beyond Venus to a close distance of 9 solar radii, or only 3.85 million miles from the photosphere. Browse 19 sets of photosphere flashcards Advanced.

2 words related to photosphere: surface, Sun.

The chromosphere gets its name from its color, which is a deep red. The photosphere is the visible surface of the Sun that we are most familiar with. The temperature in the photosphere is about 10,000 degrees F (5,500 degrees C). Thus, the photosphere may be thought of as the imaginary surface from which the solar light that we see appears to be emitted. The glowing layer that you can see, because it emits visible. light. The photosphere, chromosphere and corona. It is directly above the photosphere, which is the layer that humans see from the surface of Earth. 17 Terms. Wiki User 2012-01-28 09:59:32. Photosphere definition, a sphere of light or radiance. See more. It is here that the sun's radiation is detected as visible light. Other layers are either too hot or too cold to be seen. The photosphere is the densest part of the solar atmosphere , but is still tenuous compared to Earth's atmosphere (0.01% of the mass density of air at sea level).

What are darker cooler areas on the sun. The photosphere is one of the coolest regions of the Sun (6000 K), so only a small fraction (0.1%) of the gas is ionized (in the plasma state). The diameter quoted for the Sun usually refers to the diameter of the photosphere. Corona.

Magnetic field. The photosphere is marked by bright, bubbling granules of plasma and darker, cooler sunspots, which emerge when the sun's magnetic field breaks through the surface. Synonyms for photosphere in Free Thesaurus. For the purpose of measurement, however, the Sun's radius is considered to be the distance from its center to the edge of the photosphere, the apparent visible surface of the Sun. Since the Sun is so far away, the edge of the photosphere appears sharp to the naked eye, but in reality the Sun has no surface, since it is too hot for matter to exist in anything but a plasma state—that is, as a gas composed of ionized atoms.

I was able to take long-exposure shots under a bright, mid-day sun over the last week or more. What are synonyms for photosphere? The surface of the sun, or photosphere, is a yellow-colored layer of thick, hot gases marked with dark spots, known as sunspots. It is the lowest visible layer of the sun. Since the Sun is a ball of gas, this is not a solid surface but is actually a layer about 100 km thick (very, very, thin compared to the 700,000 km radius of the Sun). The photosphere is the visible "surface" of the Sun.

The chromosphere represents the dynamic transition between the cool temperature minimum of the outer photosphere and the diffuse million-degree corona above.

The NanoPro MC 10-stop ND filter is good with minimum colour shifts.

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