otago daily times cartoon

The offending Otago Daily Times cartoon. History.

The Otago Daily Times’ cartoon making light of the deadly Samoan measles crisis broke press guidelines, the New Zealand media council ruled.The cartoon, as …

Otago Daily Times, Dunedin, New Zealand. The newspaper on Tuesday apologised for the insensitive content and timing of the cartoon and in today’s front page editorial said the paper had got it wrong.

The content and the timing of the cartoon were insensitive, and we apologise without reservation for publishing it.

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It was that disgusting cartoon you can see below. NZ Herald. The Otago Daily Times cartoon which mocked the Samoa measles crisis has been shared across the Pacific island nation, leaving many in disbelief.

The carto The Otago Daily Times has issued a front-page apology for Samoa measles cartoon and thanked the "many thousands of people" who told them it had no place in modern society. Political and Topical Tremain cartoons as published in the Otago Daily Times. The ruling comes despite the fact a very high bar needs to be crossed before the council will uphold a complaint regarding an offensive cartoon, the council said.

Photo credit: Otago Daily Times.

"It was a blur," he said. The Otago Daily Times ran a cartoon making light of the epidemic that has killed more than 50 people. The ODT was founded by W.H.

The Otago Daily Times has again apologised for a cartoon mocking the Samoa measles crisis, this time publishing "we got it wrong" in the newspaper. The Otago Daily Times has apologised for an insensitive cartoon they featured in their newspaper this morning about the Samoan measles outbreak. About 40 people gathered outside the Otago Daily Times office yesterday to protest at the the cartoon and Mr Tremain’s ongoing employment by the newspaper. ( To advance to next cartoon click > to right of enlarged cartoon. ) The New Zealand Media Council has ruled a cartoon published in the Otago Daily Times making light of the deadly measles outbreak in Samoa was "gratuitously hurtful and discriminatory"..

"I wasn’t really thinking, I just reacted." Mr Yeo, whose cartoons are published in the Otago Daily Times, was at home watching the news unfold when he drew the image. Otago Daily Times later expanded on their apology, posting: “Today the Otago Daily Times published a cartoon making reference to the measles crisis in Samoa. Children wait to get vaccinated at a health clinic in Apia, Samoa. Otago Daily Times (ODT) is putting controversial cartoonist Garrick Tremain under review and will not publish his work until further notice.

Originally styled The Otago Daily Times, the ODT was first published on 15 November 1861.

It is New Zealand's oldest surviving daily newspaper - Christchurch's The Press, six months older, was a weekly paper for its first few years.The first issue ran to 2750 copies, and was sold for threepence.

Photo credit: Otago Daily Times Controversial cartoonist Garrick Tremain has apologised for his cartoon making light of the Samoan measles epidemic. An Otago newspaper has issued a front page apology, a day after standing down its cartoonist over a controversial illustration.


71K likes. Published in the Otago Daily Times by editor Barry Stewart and cartoonist Garrick Tremain. 23 Dec, 2019 11:40am . 4 minutes to read . Otago Daily Times' Samoan measles cartoon labelled 'hurtful, racist' by Media Council . Welcome to the Otago Daily Times Online, home of the latest Otago news.

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