nether portal not working

We go into that portal and end up at the first nether portal location inside the nether. If you are using USB, nether portals from island's are disabled for good reason.

Each world gets its own nether by default. This is nowhere near Wrath Lamps (as I have not developed the tech for those yet). I have, since this problem arose, removed BOP and started up a new map where I tried to make a nether portal in creative mode. Just compare the two, and you should see what’s wrong. After patch 1.8.1 a specific nether portal stopped working in my world which kicks everyone off the server when 2 or more mobs enter the portal. Basically, in the overworld, I've got two portals, one, outside my house, and the other, at the top of a massive lighthouse I've built.

I will however try your 'dirt block' suggestion. Any way to fix this?

Right, it's not so much that they're not working, but two of my portals are linking up to one in the nether. I did this and the nether portal are still not working. Thread Status: Not open for further replies.

My servers nether and end portals don't work, you step into them and nothing happens, you just sit there. Jul 29, 2019 273 0 0.

Use MCNP to create a nether for the skyblock world and simply have a /nether or sign at spawn that allows for people to travel to the nether via that.

The nether is completely messed up.

If a Nether exists for a world (e.g. As you can see, the corners are not needed. So I got in the portal from the nether and it linked with the one at my base (home), that's great, but when I came back to the nether it didn't link with the one on top, it generated a new one, I broke the new one and tried again, and it's still not working. 160, then a portal could be built in the nether at a Y closer to the upper Y, e.g. I have a handy dandy picture from a previous answer that should explain the problem. share. Help. Depends.

Offline kilgorezack. If you are using USB, nether portals from island's are disabled for good reason. Use MCNP to create a nether for the skyblock world and simply have a /nether or sign at spawn that allows for people to travel to the nether via that. Depends, did you exit the nether using a different nether portal than the one you used to enter the nether with? (I play on bedrock) 4 comments. For a world named X, the Nether world is named X_nether. Nether and End Portals Not Working? Whenever I go through the nether portal in my base, when I try to go back through it spawns another portal about 100 blocks away. I did this and the nether portal are still not working. The road to completing a nether portal in Minecraft is long and potentially arduous.

Otherwise, nether portals do nothing in that world - the plugin will not create a nether world for you. Still have the same problem. Thanks! save hide report. 67% Upvoted. Therefore, two Overworld portals could be built at the same x,z coordinates with one at a very low Y, e.g., 5, and one at a higher y, e.g. In addition to that, if you throw any item through the portal and then go through said portal, the portal takes you to a completely unconnected nether portal …

Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. The following was taken from The Minecraft wiki on nether portals, maybe it'll be of help:. above 83, and the nether portal will always exit at the higher overworld portal but both Overworld portals will link to the same nether portal.

X_nether is already a world), the portal takes you there. Let's say it puts the Nether portal at x=80, y=60, z=110 (this is still in the +/-128 bounding box). That means that if you place a portal above the nether ceiling, it won't be found, and the game will create a new one for you. R. rymmie1981 New Member. Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kilgorezack, Jun 7, 2013.

However, sometimes the game will put the Nether portal far from the starting point, if it can't find other suitable place. This is extremely frustrating. Nether portal not working. When playing survival mode, it's not as easy as whipping out obsidian blocks and igniting them. We've done this on at least 2 different worlds on our realm and its the same thing on both of them.

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