national party president

In another New Zealand justice story not reported, Richlister and National Party President Peter Goodfellow (pictured) finalised his divorce from his wife of 24 years in December and married his long-time girlfriend last month. A company run by the National Party's federal president is lobbying for Santos and Delta Electricity, as the Government grapples with its energy policy.

National Party president Peter Goodfellow divorced. Mr Goodfellow was a sitting member.

PART I Democratic breakthrough 1 Setting the agenda 2 The Presidency - Getting into Union Buildings 3 Forming the Government of National Unity PART II Governing 4 Government of National Unity 5 Some unpleasant tasks of government 6 The President and the constitution 7 Impressions of Parliament PART III Traditional leadership and democracy 8 Traditional … The National Party President Peter Goodfellow and the board allowed Todd Barclay to be selected as a candidate for the upcoming election despite knowing that he was clearly unsuitable to be an MP. National's board elects the party's president from within its own members.

The Presidential Years. Both major parties, and some minor parties, hold them, and they usually last for 4 days in the summer of the election year, and are held in a large city, with the venue being decided by each party's National Committee. Peter’s new wife’s wedding band ($7,000) cost more than his ex-wife received in the divorce ($0). Mr Goodfellow was a sitting member. A meeting held once every 4 years by each party to select its presidential and vice-presidential candidates and finalise a party platform. Very detailed written accounts of the now disgraced MP’s behaviour had been provided to the board and the candidate selection committee before they allowed his nomination to go forward.

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