mount rinjani trek difficulty

This is the easiest (not to say that it’s easy) of the Mount Rinjani trekking options. Packing: Trek Mount Rinjani Without a Tour.

You don’t get near the summit or the lake but it does provide incredible views of the crater. The lake looks stunning in the crater below. Let’s explore what you will need to bring with you to trek Mount Rinjani hike without a tour or guide, so your pack can be minimized for the journey..

The 2-day, 1-night trek from Senbaru takes trekkers to the crater rim opposite the summit. Mount Rinjani is a beast, but worth it. Difficulty: Moderate to very difficult Highest point: ∼2,640 m (crater rims) / 3,726 m (Mount Rinjani summit) Height gain: +1,600 m (to crater rim from Sembalun) / +2,000 m (to crater rim from Senaru) / +1,000 m more to Rinjani summit We did it: October 2016

The views from the campsites and the summit are awesome. Mount Rinjani stands at an impressive 3,726m (12,408ft) making it Indonesia’s second highest volcano. Mount Rinjani trek difficulty – For the majority of people, climbing Rinjani is a very challenging experience. But be prepared!

Camping gear will include at least a two person tent that can be split between poles and canvas, and a warm sleeping bag.. This is a light description how Mount Rinjani trek difficulty looks like from Senaru ascent route. Only Sumatra’s Gunung Kerici is taller. This trek is very challenging and although I am pretty fit I definitely suffered. As we took the first of many steps on our three-day trek up Mount Rinjani, I looked up at the summit looming high above and thought to myself, “That doesn’t look too far.We will easily climb this.” About 10 minutes later, as I was sweating freely and out of breath, I realized it was going to be every bit as difficult as advertised. We read many reviews saying it was extremely hard, however none of them …

Scientists think this volcano erupted in the 1200s which lead to the “little ice age.” Rinjani is located in Indonesia on the island of Lombok. This is what makes the hike worth it. But anyone with a reasonable fitness level can manage to reach the crater rim, or even the summit. If you read Mount Rinjani trek reviews not saying anything about the difficulty of this climb they are lying! I can understand that you don’t have all the time in the world, but you can do the same route in a 4d/3n trek.

Local porters are carrying all food and camping equipment, which makes it much easier for you to actually complete the trek.

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