miraculous ladybug lila and marinette

Being friends for a long time now. Also, while I'm sure the relationships, good or bad, between Lila and Marinette/Ladybug and between Lila and Adrien/Cat Noir have a lot of offer, I want to see the relationships Lila will have with Alya and Chloé, as I explained here.

Not if they so easily believed Lila and her fake disease. Best Friends by 2020. 85.4K 2.9K 28. trust, adrinette, love. Hot New #1.

from the story Miraculous Ladybug-Marinette's Secret by ScarletRose2844 (Ezera Hunter) with 9,004 reads. Lila Stories . 865 Stories. Marinette had looked it up afterwards. Today, thanks to Lila, Marinette felt that she never truly held theirs.

Lila is a foil to Marinette on their methods of making friends and developing relationships with their crushes. Read Chapter 6- Lila!! Refine by tag: lila marinette adrien miraculous alya ladybug miraculousladybug chloe adrienette chatnoir ladynoir niño marichat hawkmoth tikki plagg volpina catnoir nathaniel mlb. Lila was no pathological liar, A type of compulsive maybe, but not at all pathological. Sort by: Hot.

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