luna 9 cost
Luna 1 impactor. The estimated cost of the Luna programme in 1964 was US$6 bn to US$10 bn. The United States' Surveyor 1 made that country's first landing in May 1966.

it was the first spacecraft to achieve a lunar Impactor spacecraft are designed to hit the near side of the Moon, transmitting photographs back to Earth until their destruction on impact. Flight apparatus separated from the payload shortly before Luna 9 landed.

The Luna 9 payload was carried to Earth orbit by an A-2-E vehicle and then conveyed toward the Moon by a fourth stage rocket that separated itself from the payload. As it touched the surface it ejected an eggshaped capsule. When the capsule came to a stop, it opened to reveal a camera and radio aerials. Luna 9 (Луна-9), internal designation Ye-6 No.13, was an uncrewed space mission of the Soviet Union's Luna programme. Luna 9 landed in a region of the Moon called the Ocean of Storms. Mission types. Luna 9 By: Hayley Nichols Year Of Launch And Location It was launched on January 31, 1996. Luna 9, a spherical spacecraft about two feet in diameter, was ejected from its descent stage and rolled to a stop in Oceanus Procellarum, better known as the Ocean of Storms. The location was Tyuratam ( Baikonur Cosmodrome) U.S.S.R Cost of probe/3 other interesting facts 4.5 billion dollars its mass was 99.0kg. Several soft landings after Luna 9 happened in quick succession, both by the United States and the Soviet Union. Luna 9 took the first up-close images of the moon’s landscape, which conveyed a vital piece of information: The lunar surface could support the weight of a lander. Luna 9: First Soft Lander Explanation: The Luna 9 spacecraft above performed the first soft landing on another planetary body. The name Luna was used to designate a variety of spacecraft designs, to achieve several types of missions: Impactors. On 3 February 1966, the Luna 9 spacecraft became the first spacecraft to achieve a survivable landing on the celestial body. They enabled Luna 9 to send the first pictures from the Moon’s surface. Following a series of failures, the Soviet probe touched down in the Moon's Oceanus Procellarum region February 3, 1966. The capsule was 24in (60cm) long and weighed 220lb (100kg). Luna 9 (E-6M) launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome by Molniya rocket into 167 x 219 kilometre orbit around the Earth at 51.8 degrees inclination - its mission is to soft land a camera module onto the lunar surface: 1966 Jan 31: 12:48: Final stage of Luna 9 launching rocket fired to place it into a trajectory towards the Moon: 1966 Feb 1: 19:29

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