look to the stars bronze tube location
Bronze Tube: Description My Gnomish friend, Cog, has promised to help me build a device which will let me peer towards the stars. This item is also sold by Engineering Supplies vendors for 8 . Like the bronze tube.

Naturally, it is a limited supply. Merchants in this game have some items that have a limited stock.

Comment by 5828 He sells Bronze Tubes, but has a limited supply. If you got there and see that he's not selling any, someone has come and purchased them, and you have to either wait for him to restock, or buy them off the Auction House. Bronze Tubes can be crafted by Engineers with a skill of at least 105.
It seems, that in patch 2.4.3 Bronze Tubes aren't sold by the vendors in SW and Duskwood anymore. Look To The Stars - Quest. Naturally, it is a limited supply.

... Wowpedia Wowpedia Look To The Stars Viktori Prism'Antras of Darkshire wants you to bring him a bronze tube. I looked several times, at both vendors, but they didn't have em. Quick Facts; Level: 25 Requires level: 20. Bronze Tube Item Level 21 Disenchants into: Not disenchantable Sell Price: 2 Contents[show] Source This item is created with Engineering (105); taught by Engineering trainers. This npc comes in handy when doing the quest Look To The Stars (Part I) since he sells the Bronze Tube which is the required item.

Look To The Stars (Part 1) Look To The Stars (Part 2) Look To The Stars (Part 3) Look To The Stars (Part 4) Notes Edit. Sign in.

I will start looking for one in AH, or in guild. Engineering vendors also sell Bronze Tubes for 8, but only have 1 in stock at a time. If you visit a merchant that is supose to but dosn't have it then you will have to wait fot it to respawn.

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