list of countries that have launched satellites

Most of the satellites seen in this list are geostationary communications equipment. Note that some satellite launches were the result of collaborative efforts and are thus listed under multiple countries. A replica of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite in the world to be put into outer space. 1. In addition, Egypt has launched three government-owned satellites into space.

; Mercury 6 or Kosmos 100), or • go to the year the spacecraft was launched (using the table below) and browse the list to find the spacecraft you're looking for. In this category are all objects launched in the last 30 days and includes cargo resupply to the ISS (International Space Station) as well as those satellites placed in orbit from the ISS. In 2013 there were 950 military satellites of different types in Earth’s orbit. While Ghana stands as the only African country to have indigenously developed a satellite and launched it. In 2017 it launched two more satellite known as nSight1 and Za-Aerosat and like the SUNSAT, It was locally built and designed in South Africa. The satellites are mostly used for communication, navigation, and intelligence gathering. South Africa is the first African country to launch a satellite into space and has the highest number of satellites in the orbit. Apart from Indian rockets, these satellites have been launched from various vehicles, including American, Russian No African country has launched satellites into space using its own launch vehicles. China launched 299 operating satellites in orbit. This is a list of satellites, ordered alphabetically according to the country that launched them. (See also satellite communication; satellite in the "Search on this page" window of your browser, type the most common name of the spacecraft (ex. A military satellite is a human-made satellite placed into orbit for military use. In February 2019 the EgyptSat-A high-resolution earth … How many satellites does each country have? You can opt-out anytime. Satellites Orbital Parameters . Four private NileSat satellites were launched into orbit as communication satellites between 1998 and 2010. South African first satellite – SUNSAT, was launched in 1999. This list covers most artificial satellites built in and operated by the Republic of India. This is a timeline of first orbital launches by country.While a number of countries have built satellites, as of 2019, eleven countries have had the capability to send objects into orbit using their own launch vehicles.

Five countries combine to singularly control 976 of the 1,381 operational satellites currently in orbit. There are a large number of satellites' launched from a hand full of countries. Recently Launched Satellites. This page is listing the satellites. they don't. surveillance satellites almost all have polar orbits, GPS satellites have a variety of orbits, most satellites follow orbits that were easiest and cheapest to put them in from launch site. However, only four countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have satellites orbiting the earth. Select any satellite listed to learn additional details, perform live tracking or see satellite's passes visible from your location Tracking 20717 objects as of 13-May-2020 HD Live streaming from Space Station If you could tell us which satellite you have in mind I sure you will get an answer. List of missions to Mars a listing of spacecraft missions relating to the planet Mars, ... Three … Here is the list of African countries with functional satellite(s) orbiting the earth. Satellite: This column shows the name of the object in orbit. The table above shows the main parameters and information available for this satellite. In-depth details on the 2,218 satellites currently orbiting Earth, including their country of origin, purpose, and other operational details. Get emails whenever the database is updated. In some cases the official name ends with the words R/B, meaning that it is a piece or any stage from some rocket booster.

China is the country with second most satellites in orbit, with ownership of 181 active spacecraft. In 1958 America established the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in response to the Soviet Union launching the first satellite. This statistic shows the number of satellites in orbit by country as of March 2019. Satellite: Launch: Norad: Incl.

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