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It is also relevant to geophysics and astrophysics (for example, in understanding plate tectonics and the anomalies of the Earth's gravitational field), to meteorology, to medicine (in the context of blood pressure), and many other fields. Summer Science Research 2013 Summer Program Calendar . As recently as 50 years ago we had very little information on where marine mammals and seabirds Summer 2013 Program. The Ann Lutes Johnson Visiting Speaker Series will include talks by invited scientists in the Ely Room at Wyndham, with receptions to follow. I love this picture taken by an MGHer, NASA astronaut Jessica Meir.

Caribou provided an ideal place to connect with nature, and an unobstructed view of the night sky. Massachusetts General Hospital. WASHINGTON, April 17, 2020 /PRESSDAILY.COM/ — NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Andrew Morgan returned to Earth Friday, along with Soyuz Commander Oleg Skripochka of the Russian space agency Roscosmos. Jessica Meir, PhD, who was an assistant biologist in the MGH Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, was selected in 2013 to join NASA as an astronaut recruit. Jessica Meir, Ph.D., to join NASA 3 EAB Report 4 Academic Anesthesiology in the News 5 EAB Call for Nominations 5 FAER Conference 2014 6 SAB Report: ROC 7 SNACC Pre-Meeting Sessions 8 Suite Strife: Offing Older Anesthesiologists 9 Lee A. Fleisher, M.D. ! Liked by Meghan Kotarski. The trio departed the International Space Station at 9:53 p.m. EDT Thursday and made a safe, parachute-assisted landing at 1:16 a.m. Friday in Kazakhstan (11:16 a.m. local time), Continued on page 2 1 Fall 2013. [Figure][1] > Jeremy Goldbogen and Jessica Meir discuss Gerald Kooyman's classic paper, ‘Maximum diving capacities of the Weddell seal, Leptonychotes weddelli’, published in Science in 1966. Join now to see all activity Experience . All talks will be scheduled for 4 p.m., visitor schedules allowing. Happy Thanksgiving!

She is currently listed among the 44 astronauts on NASA’s active roster. Jessica began exploring at an early age, growing up in northern Maine, with her parents and four older siblings; all great mentors throughout her impressive career. Hydrostatics is fundamental to hydraulics, the engineering of equipment for storing, transporting and using fluids.

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