ice cube neutrino results

IceCube results Klas Hultqvist Figure 1: Cosmic ray flux reconstructed using three years of data for 73 IceTop stations. events, and a rather isotropic flux of neutrinos. IceCube: A Billion Tons of Ice. On our planet, such a giant quantity of perfect ice can only be found in the high … The IceCube neutrino observatory, now completed with a total of 86 strings deployed, is the world’s largest high energy neutrino telescope.
IceTop as veto for IceCube: results Delia Tosi 1. The surface facility for the IceCube experiment, which is located under nearly 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) of ice in Antarctica.

This flux is an opportunity to study the properties of neutrinos, but it is also a background to astrophysical neutrino signals, and … The IceCube Neutrino Observatory is the world's largest neutrino detector, instrumenting a cubic kilometer of ice at the geographic South Pole. The particular neutrino — and it was just one — that led to the new discovery hit the ice cube in September 2017 with an energy of 290 terra electron-volts. The detector instruments a cubic kilometer of Antarctic ice as a Cherenkov medium for the detection of neutrinos produced when cosmic rays interact with matter or radiation fields either near their acceleration sites or in the Earth’s atmosphere. IceCube is, truly, the stuff of science fiction turned into fact. It is a giant cube of ice — pure, clear ice, free of bubbles and almost perfectly transparent. The detector probes neutrino energies from GeV to PeV, and collects high statistics neutrino samples by virtue of its extremely large volume. Introduction IceCube is a neutrino detector located at the geographic South Pole [1]. More than five thou-sands photosensors (Digital Optical Modules or DOMs) are installed in a cubic-kilometer ice vol-ume between depths of 1450 m and 2450 m. The sensors feature photomultiplier tubes that detect Thirty years ago, Francis Halzen had the strange idea of using ice instead of water for a neutrino detector. The particular neutrino — and it was just one — that led to the new discovery hit the ice cube in September 2017 with an energy of 290 terra electron-volts.

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