how to level a grandfather clock

Usually constructed of solid wood and containing a brass movement and heavy weights, a grandfather clock requires a solid floor on which to sit. 1.Stand the case in the position that you wish your clock to be in. If a clock is not level side to side and front to back, (or close) the bob may hit the case.

First synchronize your clock with an accurate time source - like a digital clock. Test this by observing the swing of the pendulum. 11 Adjust the time and speed of your grandfather clock.

Most cases are fairly well balanced, but when people insist on placing them on carpet, they can sink into the carpet and tilt forward. Being off level is the most common reason for the pendulum to be blocked during its swing. The newer grandfather clocks need to be level … Even on wobbly wood floors, this can be a problem. 12 Make any additional fine adjustments. Its normal practice to hang the heaviest weight on the striking side which is the left side on an antique longcase/grandfather clock but occasionally there is an exception to this rule.    Grandfather Clock Repair ... Make sure the grandfather clock is level. After twenty-four hours, record how many minutes your clock is off.

Power is transmitted from the mainspring, through the gears to the anchor pin, to the fork, and down the suspension spring to the bottom block, to act on the pendulum with just enough force to keep it moving once set in motion.

It may be necessary to periodically check your cabinet after initial set-up, (especially if the Grandfather Clock is on carpet), as it might settle after original leveling.

Adjust the leveling of the platform. If the swing is correct this problem will not resurface. 10 Adjust and calibrate your grandfather clock using the most advanced electronic equipment.

9 Re-level the grandfather clock’s case. Step 6 – Check the Level. Place a level alongside the Grandfather Clock cabinet from front to back and side to side, adjusting the levelers until level. A grandfather clock is one of the more majestic timepieces found in a home. It depends on the clock. All clocks are meant to be level and in beat from side to side, but not all clocks are meant to be perfectly level from front to back. Some clocks rest on carpeting, while others are positioned on hardwood or tile floors. If the platform is not in a level eventually it will affect the grandfather clock movements. If you clock is running fast, lower the bob. Some older grandfather clocks will run just fine slightly out of level once the movement has been adjusted. Drop weights to their lowest level by not winding the clock or advance the minute hand until the weights are at the bottom of the case. Install your delicate timepiece on flat stable flooring – a grandfather clock may not operate properly unless it is well balanced, so you need to make any necessary adjustments to ensure the base of the clock is perfectly level; They must be installed in their correct order. This is not true for the newer grandfather clocks. Grandfather clock weights are the engine driving the timing mechanism. "An antique grandfather clock is a friend and companion for life." If your clock is running slow, raise the bob.

Clocks have three weights. I normally tilt a grandfather clock backwards just a bit (less than a 1/2 inch) for one reason; front-heavy cases and the risk of toppling over.

How To Put Your Anniversary Clock In Beat Anniversary clocks operate with very little energy. Check the platform where the grandfather clock has been stationed. Then adjust the bob up, or down, to change the pendulums effective length. If there is a skirting board at floor level, it may be necessary to fix to the back of the case a similar thickness piece of wood so that the case will stand up straight and not lean backwards.

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