how long was the axiom in space

"Axiom exists to provide the infrastructure in space for a variety of users to conduct research, discover new technologies, test systems for exploration of the Moon and Mars, manufacture superior products for use in orbit and on the ground, and ultimately improve life back on Earth," Suffredini added. Credit: Axiom Space. Private space firm Axiom has finalized a new deal with SpaceX to transport its private astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). Axiom Space was founded in 2016 to make life and work in orbit a reality as a means to sustained deep space exploration and improving life on Earth. While building and launching the Axiom … Axiom says that with their experience, and with all of the advances in technology, they can build their station more cheaply. 2021, a year of cheer: SpaceX, Axiom will ferry space tourists to ISS Customers willing to pay for extra-terrestrial journeys in the future will benefit both space companies.

Axiom Space has already been granted NASA approval to attach its first commercial module to the ISS in 2020, and the firm says this could eventually provide the building blocks for their own station.

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