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Rating (angl. hodnocení; vysl. Fitch on Tuesday cut Boeing Co's credit rating to "BBB", with a negative outlook, citing a rapid escalation of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the planemaker's markets and operations. The French government’s measures to ensure a more moderate rate of spending growth than in the past are insufficient to achieve a sustainably lower public debt ratio.

BBB A credit rating used by the S&P and Fitch credit agencies for long-term bonds and some other investments. The 'BBB+' rating is the largest within the category, accounting for more than 41% of 'BBB' debt globally. A BBB rating represents a relatively low-risk bond or investment; banks are allowed to invest in BBB rated bonds. ... S&P Ratings is … [rejtink]) je nezávislé hodnocení různých subjektů, které je řadí do několika kategorií a dovoluje tak přibližné srovnání, případně i vytvoření pořadí (ranking).Nejčastěji se hovoří o úvěrovém ratingu, který vyjadřuje důvěryhodnost dlužníka …

Credit ratings agency Fitch Ratings announced on Friday that it affirmed Indonesia’s long-term foreign and local currency issuer default rating at “BBB with a stable outlook”. BBB rating A bond rating assigned to an investment grade debt instrument . While the level of 'BBB' category debt is high, only about 25% of this debt globally is at the lowest investment-grade rating of 'BBB-'. A BBB rating reflects an opinion that the issuer has the current capacity to meet its debt obligations but faces more solvency risk than an A-rated issue and less than a BB-rated issue if business , financial , or economic conditions change measurably. The Better Business Bureau or BBB “helps people find and recommend businesses, brands and charities they can trust.” They are one of the oldest and most respected resources when you need to research where you spend your money. It is equivalent to the Baa2 rating used by Moody's. France’s fiscal metrics therefore remain broadly aligned with an Aa2 rating, rather than a higher rating.
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) allows you to look up reviews, find resolved and unresolved claims against a […] S&P Ratings downgraded the aircraft maker’s credit rating by two notches on Monday, to BBB from AA-, leaving it just two notches above junk.

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