eureka seven renton
... (To Renton) Eureka: We're still fighting a war, even now. After a year-long journey culminating in 12006 AD, he saved the world and went on to live with Eureka. Even when Eureka is forced to take the place as the control cluster at the end of the 2nd last … In the end, Eureka and Renton must part ways, but Renton vows that they will meet again … It is set in a fictional universe. There have also been video games based on this series. In 12005 AD, he became a member of Gekkostate and the co-pilot of the original Nirvash TypeZERO. He is an LFO pilot and mechanic who built the RA272 Nirvash. Renton, what we're doing is not a game or a sport. Read reviews on Eureka Seven on Crunchyroll. When Eureka and Renton enter the coralian cluster the first time, Diane tells Renton about the pocket universe and how they plan to use it to escape the limit of questions. when I … Renton is a teenager trapped working as a mechanic in a backwater town. Renton Thurston is the husband of Eureka Thurston and the father of Ao Fukai. Eureka Seven is a manga and an anime series by Bones.

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