endeavor space shuttle crash

Guests can touch these tires from Endeavour flight STS-134, which show the wear from landing on the runway. Space Shuttle Overview - Endeavour. Tires. Nose Cone. The shuttles Challenger and Columbia disintegrated in January 1986 and February 2003 respectively. Space shuttle Endeavour has not crashed. Our galley served as a kitchen in space for astronauts aboard Endeavour.

Endeavour, the fifth and final space shuttle to be built, was created after the space shuttle program's greatest tragedy. The space potty, or Waste Collection System, provided a high-tech solution to one of space travel's most pressing concerns. Authorized by Congress in August 1987 as a replacement for the Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger, Endeavour (OV-105) arrived at Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility on May 7, 1991, piggy-backed on top of NASA's new Space Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. NASA launched the space shuttle Endeavour on its last flight, the STS-134 mission to the International Space Station, led by astronaut Mark Kelly.

Galley .

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