draft plaint in suit for accounts by the principal against the agent

S.S Nair v. Travancore Devaswom Board Kerala High Court (23 Jun, 1987) 23 Jun, 1987 (3) A person who has been infringing any patent, or trade mark can be asked to render the accounts in … As discussed, either the principal or the agent may have to pay the damages award, depending on the agent’s authority at the time of the incident. ORDER XXI A petition letter can either accompany a formal petition or request a change in the status of a particular situation.

Please note that if you fail to comply with this notice, my client shall file suit against you for recovery of possession and profits, … In some cases, both principal and agent can be held jointly liable. ORDER 4 PLAINT Rule 1—Particulars of plaint. (1) A partner can claim rendition of accounts by other partners on dissolution of the partnership. 8— Power of court to order separate trials.
Appeal from decree relating to set off 20. (10) Directing the plaint defendant to pay the plaintiff the sum of Rs.39,000 on with further interest at the contact rate till the date of realization.

(9) It is, therefore, prayed that the honourable court may be pleaded to pass judgement and decree against the defendant and in favour of the plaintiff. Special directions as to accounts 18. (2) A principal suing an Agent can ask him to render the accounts. 7—Claims by or against executor, administrator or heir. Decree in suit for account between principal and agent 17. The same is filed along with the plaint. Decree when set-off is allowed. For our convenience we can divide the plaint in three parts: (1) The Heading and Title (2) The Body (3) The Relief (1) THE HEADING:-The plaint should begin with the name of the court in which the suit is brought 1. But the present suit, as already observed, is not between the principal and the agent. 9—Declaratory judgment.

3—Where the subject-matter of the suit is immovable property.
on CaseMine. Certified copies of judgment and decree to be furnished. Please note that the relationship between you and my client as lessee and lessor shall stand terminated with effect from the said date. Power of appellate Court to transfer suit to the proper Court— (1) Where, on an appeal against an order for the return of plaint, the Court hearing the appeal confirms such order, the Court of appeal may, if the plaintiff by an application so desires, while returning the plaint, direct plaintiff to file the plaint… A letter may be the most effective way to give all the details, express personal opinion and recommend or request a solution. ' If the plaint survives against certain defendant(s) and/or properties, Order 7 Rule 11(d) of CPC will have no application at all, and the suit as a whole must then proceed to trial.' For example, “In the court of district judge at Dehradun”. His grievance is that although called upon from time to time to render the accounts, the defendant, his agent, has failed to render those accounts.

1. 2. This is a suit filed by a constituent against Ms broker.

2—Money suits. Legal remedies for violations may include a damages award to reimburse the plaintiff for injuries caused by the agent. Get free access to the complete judgment in State Of Jammu And Kashmir… v. L. Tota Ram….

16. 6—Only certain claims may be joined with a suit for recovery of immovable property. Decree in suit for partition of property or separate possession of a share therein 19. That was a suit between the principal and an agent and it was immaterial whether the contract between the parties was in a writing registered or not, as there is a special provision for suits by a principal against an agent for accounts. The plaintiff claims in the suit accounts for two vaidas, December 1938 and January 1989. The plaintiff was appointed by the defendant as the sole agent for the sale of books within the State of Andhra Pradesh by virtue of written agreement dated 14.3.1992.

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