democritus and leucippus

The first of these is attributed to Leucippus by Theophrastus. Scribes: Lukas Tagalakis and Jamieson Hunter .


Learn. Created by. PLAY. These minutes were spoken on 3 October; for another version, go to the unspoken minutes . Leucippus. Most of these jobs have survived through secondary sources, such as Aristotle . Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Democritus was a student of Leucippus and both believed that all matter is made up of tiny, indestructible bits which he called atoma or "indivisible units", from which we get the English word atom.. Atomic theory.

Democritus is well known for his atomic theory. Democritus and Leucippus. Democritus and his teacher Leucippus replaced theological and supernatural explanations of phenomena with natural materialist explanations. These philosophers, both from Abdera, are often mentioned together. Monday's lecture concentrated on the teachings of the early atomist philosophers Leucippus and Democritus.

logan_a5. philosopher that was the earliest Greek to develop the theory of atomism. Eleatic school, as did atomists such as Democritus and Leucippus, but in rather stronger terms. STUDY. Democritus was born in Abdera, Greece in 460BC. Living 90 years dying in 370BC. Two works, almost certainly written by Leucippus, are The Great World System and On the Mind. He studied natural philosophy in Thrace, Athens and Abdera, Greece. Flashcards. Start studying Democritus and Leucippus.

It seems likely that Democritus as a pupil of Leucippus, developed the ideas of his teacher but it is quite beyond us to disentangle the contributions of each to this important doctrine. Leucippus' theory of atomism was developed even further by his pupil, Democritus.

They assumed the world was completely made of matter, which they postulated to consist of just a few types of invisible particles that could be combined to make all of the visible objects, their properties, and their behaviors.

Democritus' works cover various areas, including ethics, physics, math , Music and cosmology. He also really enjoyed studying about Geometry. Atomism . influential Ancient Greek pre-Socratic philosopher primarily remembered today for his formulation of an atomic theory of the universe. Test. 460 BC - died ca 370 BC). Democritus (Greek: Δημόκριτος) was a Greek philosopher (born at Abdera in Thrace ca. Gravity. Write. He was never married and never had any children. Terms in this set (6) Democritus. 7 fundamental contributions of Democritus to philosophy and science 1- The school of atomism 1 October 2001. Democritus loved to travel the world he traveled to some places like India, Egypt, and Babylon.

He was a disciple of Leucippus, with whom he founded the school of atomism.

Leucippus and Democritus: atomist philosophers . Spell.

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